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Is SpineTech software compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?
All of our programs offer users the ability to use login screens to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the data. We also limit all access to the minimum level necessary to perform each job function and passwords are controlled by the end user. We also use formal development methodology with strong configuration management throughout the software development process. This includes strict project management, detailed program requirements, source code version control, code walk-through, comprehensive test plans and detailed problem tracking. All of our data is maintained on highly secure servers with redundant backup. We automatically offer a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement to all new clients at signup.
Does your software run on a PC, a Mac, on a network or through the Internet?
SpineTech PRO: The x-ray, range of motion, and posture analysis software is installed on an PC running Windows 7 or 8. This computer must have a high speed connection with a minimum upload speed of 2.5 Mbps and a minimum download speed of 20 Mbps. Internet speeds slower than these may result in user frustration due to lag times.

You can also set up as many Viewer stations as you wish without additional costs. Viewer stations can view posture scans, range of motion analyses, and all of the patients x-ray analyses. The viewer station is accessible on any type of platform that can connect to the internet with a browser i.e iPads, iPhones, Samsung devices, etc.

SpineTech SOAP: The application can only be downloaded from the iTunes store onto an iPad device. Any version will work so long as the iPad has a camera. We do not recommend the iPad mini. If you intend to use more than one iPad or make use of the document scanning function then you must have a high speed connection with a minimum upload speed of 2.5 Mbps and a minimum download speed of 20 Mbps.

Where is the data stored and how is it backed up and encrypted?
All data for SpineTech PRO is stored on a cloud based Amazon server located and hosted in the USA. The data for SpineTech SOAP is stored on the iPad device and backed up on a cloud based Amazon server located and hosted in the USA. All documents can be downloaded if you choose to discontinue service and your online data is automatically deleted from the server 7-14 days after your subscriptions expires. All of your patient and clinic data is stored in MD 5 encrypted format.
Has SpineTech conducted any security threat or risk assessment on SpineTech SOAP or SpineTech PRO?
All of our App data is hosted in a very high security and multi password protected environment for data protection.
What kind of access will SpineTech have for hosting and support maintenance? Will the company ever have access to client data as part of this service? Will the company ever have regular access without express consent as part of their support maintenance duties? (i.e. regular check-ups that do not require a service call)
Regular check-ups and backup activities are scheduled jobs on our servers so service call access is not required. During client requested support or maintenance tasks, access to the client’s data on our server is only performed with prior approval and permissions from the clinic admin to investigate a reported issue.
Without limitation to the following does SpineTech’s data infrastructure include the following security features:
- Segregation of data between customers
- Infrastructure redundancy for the hardware and software components of its solution
- Internal organizational policy and appropriate procedures in place that ensure the safe updating of software and hardware including a procedure for testing software in a test environment before it is installed in the production environment; use of checkpoints during software updates; and roll back of updates when required.?
All PHI data is segregated on the server between clinic/customer. A registered clinic/user cannot access data of another registered clinic/user. Software updates are first deployed on staging server for testing before it is migrated onto the production server(fully working/tested module). Also necessary check points are used to roll back updates.
Do the PHI software products have the capacity to create and maintain logs?
We maintain comprehensive logs including:
- user identification and application identification associated with an access;
- name of user and application that performs an access;
- role or job functions of user who performs an access;
- date of an access;
- time of an access;
- actions performed by a user during an access, including, without limitation, creating, editing and deleting information;
- name of facility or organization at which an access is performed;
- personal health number of the individual or patient I.D. in respect of whom an access is performed;
- name of the individual in respect of whom an access is performed;
How long is the period of inactivity before the program sessions automatically logs out the user? Is this something that can be modified depending on the client’s needs?
The iPad app session/memory management is handle by the device OS(iOS) as established by Apple, our custom apps or and end user function can’t directly control it. This can be set up using settings on the PC or the individual device by using a password lock with the screen saver.
How can I request a demo?
You can download a trial version of SpineTech SOAP from the iTunes store directly onto your iPad.

SpineTech PRO analysis and report of findings software demo’s can be obtained from any of our dealers or direct from SpineTech.us. If you have a dealer supplied code please enter it before downloading as most dealers have paid for you to receive bonus items with your purchase.