SpineTech SOAP

Chart Exactly what you want to say quickly and efficientely on a mobile platform

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Introducing SpineTech SOAP

  • Chart exactly what you want to say, quickly and efficiently, on a mobile platform.
  • Designed to run on the iPad
  • Share data on multiple iPads without a server
  • Intuitive interface with easy customization
  • Print or email notes directly from the iPad
  • Generates high-quality, compliant documentation
  • PHI is securely backed up on cloud servers

SpineTech SOAP Usability

  • SpineTech SOAP is a native iPad application that was designed so chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, and massage therapists could have a fast, intuitive, and customizable application to document their patient visits without aggravation.
  • You do not need an expensive office server or network for multiple users. Just buy another iPad and register it to your clinic from within SpineTech SOAP. That’s all it takes for your team to securely share patient info. If you have multiple clinics in different locations your notes are accessible at each location and can be sent to a central billing office with no extra expense.
  • SpineTech SOAP takes advantage of the most innovative features of the iPad like the built in cameras to scan and upload important documents and you can use all the gestures that iPad users have come to expect and love. In fact with the iPad you can even dictate directly into your note anywhere you want, no need to type long descriptions, just push the button and speak and SpineTech will insert it into your note just where you want it.

SpineTech SOAP Access

  • SpineTech SOAP sets you free! Free from standing or sitting in one location doing notes, free from staying late or coming in on Saturdays to do notes, and most importantly, free to document exactly the way you want.
  • You can link multiple locations, literally hundreds of staff or even students who are spread apart by thousands of miles. Talk about freedom. No networks to maintain, no severs to support, no backups to maintain.
  • Imagine accessing your patient data anywhere, from home or lunch, answer questions or take appointments at your convinience. SpineTech SOAP transmits just the raw data so it is extremely fast. Since the application is actually on your iPad as a native application you won’t wait for anything!

SpineTech SOAP Cost

  • There are several options for using Spinetech SOAP. The first option is to purchase the full app, for the one-time price, and begin using it right away with no limitations. The second option, for those of you who would like to try Spinetech SOAP before purchasing, is to choose the month-to-month option. This allows you to use the app for a recurring month charge, rather than opting to pay the one-time full price. You may cancel your monthly trial at any time. This option is best if you would like to try the app before purchasing, to make sure it is a good fit for your practice.
  • Yearly support is included with every SpineTech SOAP purchase so you won’t be out there on your own, and are available to all clients on support at no additional cost.

Receptionist Login Web Based Interface iPad® App

SpineTech SOAP includes a Receptionist Login application at no additional fee so that you can manage your appointments and your patient information from an internet connected PC or Mac.

What people say aboutQuickSOAP

This App is great! I can create a full note in about a minute. The notes are exactly what I need for really complete documentation of patient visits. It’s made my SOAP notes look a hundred times better, and taken all of the work out of making them. I used to hate to do them, now it’s a breeze!

Marty Cairns, DC

After using this App, my insurance acceptance has improved dramatically. These notes are so thorough that everything is generally paid and unquestioned when submitted. I’ve been audited before, and this program has been an outstanding tool to keep my notes in proper order. Awesome App, that’s all I can say!

Rodney Rishel, DC

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